Fashion Star... Finalst ... What

I can't believe that I have got this far...

When one of my best friends Armita Tabassi told me that the tv show Fashion Star was going to have their casting call here in LA, I wasn't even going to go because I design for children's wear. But that Saturday morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and said why not? I put my entire winter collection in a garment bag, grabbed my WL? flyers,  look books and off I went.

Screen Shot 2014-05-03 at 9.58.55 AM.png

When I arrived at FIDM the line was around the block. I was even two hours earlier than when it started. I was in a line filled with so many talented and hopeful designers just like myself, ready to just put themselves out there, show their work and hope that it gets noticed. I didn't realize till I got to the front of the line how nervous I was. Oh was I ever. There was no turning back!

Once in the building they lead us to the FIDM lunch room where we filled out all this paper work. Then we waited again in a small hallway outside a room where there was about 8 long tables and one rack behind each table.

As soon as a table had opened for me I went in and placed my look books, flyers, and my business card on the table beside just one dress that I laid out nicely. The rest I hung behind the table on the rolling rack.

When the ladies came over to my table all my butterflies flew away and I was focused. What was I nervous about anyway? There was absolutely nothing that I could lose but a couple hours spent in line. So I just sold my collection, my brand, my idea's, and I was just- me! Well it worked. I got a call back!!  WHAT ??? REAALLY??? ME??? I get to come back and do an on camera interview? Okay!! How fun!!

So a couple days later I went before work and met with a very nice girl that held my on camera interview. She asked a ton of questions about who I was, what I would do in certain situations and of course about WL?

A week later I got an email saying that I was chosen as one of the finalists and was given a producer who was going to try and sell me to the director of the show. Well they needed one last thing from me and that was a 15-20 minute at home video that they could use to cut with my on-camera interview I did before.

Well I am the luckiest girl because my very talented boyfriend said he would help me out and video tape me, as well as edit all the footage and create something that I could send! I couldn't be more grateful to have this man in my life!! He has been such a big support system!!

In the end, I believe because I was a children's designer, I didn't ultimately make it on the show. Getting that far along in the process, however really made me confident I was on the right path!

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Here they are! This is all me , the raw, behind the scenes- Sara :Designer of Who's Little?