My Pledge -One Girl One Dress One Month

 I started the WL? kickstarter campaign to raise money and awareness of my companies business model. The goal is to be able to finally go into production and support an online store front. This in turn will help me get the One Girl One Dress Project off the ground and running as well. It is such an important part of my business model and I can't wait for WL? to start helping others!!

As many of you already know I have also made a pledge of my own; for everyday of the campaign I have been wearing the same dress to help raise awareness to the huge problem we have here in the US. There are currently 16.4 million children living in poverty and everyday they go without necessities. I have read countless claims from teachers nationwide about families requesting clothes each year to give to their children and I want to do something to help!!

This is why I'm wearing the same dress everyday for a month! We take for granted the freedom of having the ability to change our clothes everyday. If I am going to be someone that helps I need to truly understand what it is like. So I am going to try and walk in the same shoes as these little girls who don't have the same luxuries I do. That have to deal with kids making fun of them for wearing the same clothes.

Today Who's Little? has 50 backers, 63% funded with 10 days to go!! Please pledge, share, and like Who's Little? Kickstarter project- and remember "You are never too little to make a big difference"!!!


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